Nathan Sigworth

INSIGHT class of 02, Dartmouth College

"It used to be that when my worldview was challenged, I wouldn't know how to respond. INSIGHT helped me establish confidence; it provided that backbone of history and theology that allows me to share the Gospel without fear of ignorance at a secular university."

Rachel Maynard

INSIGHT class of 03, Wheaton College

"The INSIGHT program invites students into thoughtful, well-informed reflection about what God has done, is doing, and will do in the nations of our world. It gave me a background for future study that was holistic and kingdom-oriented, uniquely supplementing my education with an approach that few of my peers had (and some expressed a wish that they could have had!)."

Joy McGee

INSIGHT class of 07

“I used to see history in broken segments. Now I see history as one glorious, single drama of God’s work in the world. Everything becomes more meaningful.”

David Sorge

INSIGHT class of 07, Rice University

“INSIGHT changed my life! It has been my plan to be involved in overseas missions for the past 5 years or so, which is why I chose to take INSIGHT. After Insight, I not only feel that I have a better understanding of the task that remains in missions, but also a better understanding of who I am in Christ and how that affects the way in which I live. As a result, I also find that I have a new passion within me to mobilize others for the cause of bringing unreached people groups to Jesus."

Valerie Alms

INSIGHT class of 09

University has been a good but intense experience for me--one for which I am convinced that INSIGHT was an essential part of preparing me. I've run into people from all parts of the worldview spectrum, be they committed, kingdom-minded followers of Christ, believers with much faith but little knowledge, nominal atheists (I was surprised to find that they exist, at first), Muslims of various strands and stripes, Hindus, evangelical atheists and agnostics, and plenty more. I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the comprehensiveness of our training at INSIGHT--I've found I have a framework that nearly every worldview I run across fits into, or that can be easily extended to include the new variations.