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Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation component of INSIGHT Pasadena takes on the literal meaning of the term, “forming Christ within us.”  This component is not an “add-on” to a secular academic setting in order to make the program “spiritual” or “Christian.”  Instead, we believe that forming Christ within us is a never-ending reality for Christians.  Therefore, the thread of spiritual formation is woven into all aspects of the program, from the readings, discussions, lectures, to interactions with the core staff, mentors, and other leaders.

The knowledge of God, His Word in the Bible, His creation, and His acts in history – all are taken beyond mere memorization.  These areas of knowledge are transferred to the students as whole persons, and the knowledge moves beyond the mind to holistically permeate their emotions, wills, and visions.  Real changes occur within the students, allowing them to become more and more like Christ.

While this integrated spiritual formation process occurs each day, there is time set aside for more formal input from wise leaders in the community.  In addition, small groups meet with former INSIGHT alumni who help the students process and integrate spiritual challenges into the context of the INSIGHT year.  Spiritually mature mentors also assist students, coming along side to help with them with walking with God, learning about themselves, and relating to others.  (See the Mentor/Practicum section of the website for more information on this component.)

Bi-weekly “Synthesis Days” serve to slow the pace of the curriculum and guide students through introspection, processing, and integration of what God is doing among us during the year.

We are convinced that, through the INSIGHT program, students’ lives are challenged in two ways - to know more about Jesus Christ, and to be more like Him.