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Pasadena, CA

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Cost - Pasadena

Application fee:  $35 ($50 after May 15)
Credit Student Fee: $4,000 yearly
Certificate Student Fee: $2,500 yearly
Room and Board:  $6,600 - $8,100* yearly
Required Text Books:  $0** – $1000

* For more information on Housing, visit the Housing section.
** Books range in cost from $0-$1,000 for the year, depending on how many books a student chooses to purchase, and whether they are new or used. Several copies of each INSIGHT book are available on reserve in the INSIGHT student lounge for no fee (open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm).

NOTE: Final costs are set by May 30th for the following academic year; the costs listed above are estimates.


INSIGHT Pasadena Financial Aid

If finances would cause INSIGHT to be a real hardship, financial aid may be granted based on need and merit. While INSIGHT Pasadena students are not eligible for federal financial aid based on the FASFA, students may be eligible for financial aid through the INSIGHT Pasadena program.  Details of financial aid available through INSIGHT Pasadena, as well as the application for this aid are in the documents below.  We recommend that you seek sponsors to cover your INSIGHT fees, just as you would seek sponsors for a short-term mission trip.  Contact the INSIGHT Pasadena office with questions concerning funding your Year of INSIGHT.