Advantages to hosting

By hosting an INSIGHT program, these are the rare advantages you’ll bring to young people in your area:

Zeal with Knowledge
Short-term missions and Christian youth conventions get young people fired-up, but if that passion does not connect to a deep life purpose, it can quickly fade. Insight translates zeal into lifetime commitment by exposing students to God’s purposes as he has been working them out from the beginning of time. It is important that young people get plugged-in to God’s heart before making the major life decisions of education, vocation, and marriage.

An Intellectual Foundation for Faith
INSIGHT gives students an opportunity to address the faith-shaking questions they will encounter in a secular setting. It prepares them to respond intelligently and informed, to assess information, and to find truth in diverse situations, so that they in turn can share the Truth they know.

Preparation to be Witnesses

Through INSIGHT, equip students to introduce the Gospel even in possibly hostile settings, to postmodern classmates, with professors, and with cultural sensitivity to international students.

Deep Peer Connection
Most students who graduate the Insight program say they have never had better or deeper friendships than they developed in the program. For young people, the ability to work out their thoughts and engage tough issues in the context of community is vital. Surround them with peers that will encourage them toward pursuit of God and knowledge of his work in the world.

Lower Student Debt
For students with an interest in missions or ministry, this is a significant barrier. As a result of student debt, only 1 in 7 students committed to missions are able to follow-through on that commitment.  Through INSIGHT and our partner college, Trinity International University, tuition is significantly lower than most private colleges.

A Year of Bible and Missions
Students exploring world missions can get their pre-field training in INSIGHT. Many mission agencies accept the program for their Biblical training requirements.

College Credit In-House
You have the freedom to supplement INSIGHT with your own discipleship, internship, or practicum experiences. Add an academic curriculum and the option for college credit to your existing training for interns or missionaries.

A Solid Head-start
For advanced students, seniors in high school can take the INSIGHT program and still gain 36 units of college credit. This is a great opportunity for students to complete high school while gaining the foundation they need to be successful in college.