Who should apply?

We’ve come to recognize the ideal INSIGHT student is one who possesses four qualities: intellectual curiosity, spiritual seriousness, servant-leadership, and an interest in the world, other cultures, and other peoples.

Students at INSIGHT typically range in age from 17-25.  Some students have already completed a year or two of college, while most are just beginning their college experience. Academically, students enrolling should be good readers and have college level writing skills.  Applicants should be mature believers.

INSIGHT is not an easy program.  Students need to be prepared to work hard, be flexible, and have a teachable spirit.  The INSIGHT curriculum is designed to push students to ask hard questions and wrestle with opposing opinions.  Many students are not cut out for this program, but those who are committed to the process will thrive.

Current College Students

INSIGHT can be can taken during any year of college. Many students have taken it as a gap year, a sophomore, junior or senior year, while still others have taken the program after graduating from a four-year institution. There are advantages to each option.

For student with some college already under their belts, the experience allows them to value the content of the INSIGHT program all the more. Already used to studying in a college environment, they adjust easily to the open schedule and the self-discipline required for INSIGHT. Students who are struggling at a regular institution find INSIGHT the ideal place to discover their life direction. The multidisciplinary curriculum allows students to explore diverse areas of study and choose a major that suits their interests.

We see INSIGHT as the picture on the front of a puzzle box. The rest of your education will comprise the pieces to that puzzle; as each one gets handed to you, INSIGHT allows you to see where it belongs in the “big picture” and fill in the gaps to create a whole.

High School Students

We encourage advanced students to get a head start and save tuition by taking INSIGHT as their senior year of high school. With extensive writing instruction, study-skill tutorials, and on-going communication training, INSIGHT prepares students for college far better than any advanced placement or honors level class. In the process, eligible seniors can earn a whopping 36 units of full-fledged college credit. The advantages are obvious.

The INSIGHT program does not issue high school transcripts. Students and parents work with their state of residence or a local high school or homeschooling group to receive a transcript and diploma after completing the course. For more information about this contact the Insight National Office: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Insight is looking for the type of student who: