Message to Parents

“Union with Christ consists in the most intimate communication with him, in having him before our eyes and in our hearts, and being so filled with the highest love for him, at the same time we turn our hearts to our brothers whom he has closely bound to us and for whom also he sacrificed himself.”

Are these the words of Mother Theresa, St. Francis, or John Wesley?

They were actually written by Karl Marx at age 17, before he attended Bible school. It was at Bible school that Marx was exposed to “higher criticism,” which attacked the reliability of the Bible and eroded his confidence in the historicity of Jesus. Unprepared to deal with a critique of his faith, and disillusioned with the materialistic Church of his day, Marx rejected Christ and developed his famous revolutionary philosophy, embodied in The Communist Manifesto.

While every parent wants his or her son or daughter to have a safe and successful college experience, tragically, many students are unprepared to face the onslaught of intellectual skepticism they’ll encounter at college.


Wrestling with Hard Questions

We believe students need a chance to wrestle with hard questions within a safe environment—one where such questions can be examined in the light of logic, history, science, and, most importantly, scripture. They need time to grapple with major ideas, philosophies, and current issues at the college level.



Gaining Insight

Give your child a year to begin laying a firm foundation that will keep them on track with their faith through college, and the rest of their lives. Give them an opportunity to learn about God’s purposes in the world as they explore their career and calling. Allow them to gain the INSIGHT they need for their future.