If you are serious about your faith, have an inquiring mind and a heart for the world, we encourage you to apply.

Like the rest of the program, INSIGHT admissions is a bit different than your average college application process. You won’t be given standardized questions or typical essays to write and you won’t be fed into an enrollment “machine”—detached from the rest of program life. You will get the chance to talk to real students and the director and discussion leaders you’ll interact with almost daily throughout your year of INSIGHT. We want to connect with you, get to know you and allow you to get to know us before you even enter the program.

The first step in applying to INSIGHT is to choose a location. Each site offers a unique learning environment and a multitude of different opportunities for its students. To explore these please visit the “Location” section of the website. There you’ll find site-specific information and applications. Remember that admissions is rolling, but students must apply early to secure a place in their class!