Enrollment Options

Students must choose to take INSIGHT for college credit or earn a certificate from the Institute of International Studies (non-credit option), which may fulfill the Bible/Missions education requirements for some mission agencies.


TIU Credit

Thirty-six units of fully transferable college credit are available through Trinity International University. Students choosing to take INSIGHT for credit will receive an official college transcript showing the credits divvied up by college course equivalents. Costs for the credit option run higher (see Cost page for details), but for students still planning to obtain their BA, the units are invaluable.


IIS Certificate

Some students might choose instead of credit, to take Insight for knowledge and personal enrichment. For certificate students program requirements are the same as for credit students with two exceptions; certificate students are not required to complete exams or term papers, instead they write two, 5-page reflection essays each module. Students in good standing will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.