Academic Requirements

INSIGHT is an intensive, mission-themed, cohort-based, and highly academic program. We are looking for students who are serious about their education and mature in their faith. While the program incorporates a multitude of learning styles, there are rigorous reading and writing requirements, and students who are self-motivated and intellectually driven tend to do better than those who aren’t.

But the INSIGHT Program doesn’t fit into any box, and neither do our students. Because of this, when choosing students we don’t just consider academics, we take into account the whole person. For high school graduates there are no GPA, ACT or SAT required minimums, instead we look for an interest in the content and a commitment to learning.


High School Seniors

Qualifying high school juniors may apply to take INSIGHT for college credit during their senior year. For these students the regular application process is required as well as a minimum GPA of 2.7, ACT score of above 20 or a SAT score of above 930.