About Insight

What is INSIGHT?

Not all education is created equal.

Introducing INSIGHT: A cross-disciplinary academic program designed specifically for those who want an integrated understanding of philosophy, science, world religions, culture, and faith in the global context.  Starting from the beginning of history, students study each of these subjects in the time period they developed, providing the foundation for any course of further study they might pursue.

Here’s how it works: there are no professors, students study independently, guided by real books, not textbooks. They meet regularly for discussion, led by a facilitator, to process what they’re learning, attend lectures from PhDs and experts in each field, and go on regular field trips.

INSIGHT also values a holistic view of self and education.  We do not want to separate academic study from personal and spiritual growth.  Interwoven with our curriculum students will be pushed to learn more of who they are and how what they are learning affects their view of God and others. 

INSIGHT is a unique program that blends an education experience with discipleship and a missionary training stream.