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Module 4

Module 4 covers the last 200 years: the most explosive period of the advance of the Gospel on earth, and the entire period of Protestant missions. In Module 4, insights from anthropology and missions are integrated to enable students to wisely and confidently discern how to share the gospel effectively with people from other worldviews, whether they are postmodern American secularists, Eastern pantheists, or Muslim fundamentalists.

The Bible studies in Module 4 switch to a topical format.  Students are encouraged to learn how to search through the Bible, using various Bible study resources, to see what perspective God has on a variety of issues. INSIGHT students should not only be confident in using the Bible in their own spiritual walk, but also know how to evaluate practices and problems they encounter in their lives and culture, or in other cultures, finding God’s commands and solutions in scripture.

While covering major modern movements with global repercussions, like industrialization, capitalism, Communism, Zionism, abortion, terrorism, and world wars, Module 4 continues to focus on God’s redemptive purposes. It challenges students to seek how to be involved with His global work, being a blessing to people struggling to survive and even hear of God’s love in today’s world. Students are encouraged to seek answers to root problems of people groups such as sin, family and relational breakdown, disease, economic problems, and fatalistic worldviews, while discovering how to most effectively implant the “yeast” of the gospel, to transform societies from the inside out.