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Module 3

Module 3 flies through 1400 years (AD 400 to AD 1800), keeping the focus on God’s kingdom advancing into new cultures and civilizations.  INSIGHT shows how God has always worked through an organized, committed minority to advance His kingdom into new cultural areas, and how the Truth of the gospel speaks to people in all cultures, adapting outward forms as needed.  Students are exposed to the writings of many Christian leaders throughout history.

The rise of Islam, the Crusades, revivals and missionary outreach within the Celtic, Catholic and Nestorian traditions, the Protestant Reformation, the rise of science and the philosophical legacy of the Enlightenment and the Evangelical Awakening are all set in the context of God’s purposes in this module. INSIGHT seeks to debunk common myths and misconceptions of history promulgated by secular education, while honestly revealing the war of worldviews and the problems that result when the gospel is allied with other worldviews.

During Module 3, students study the book of Romans, some of the Epistles and other books of the Bible at a much slower pace, reinforcing hermeneutical principles. Biblical wisdom for spreading the gospel and living life in community, holiness, and discipleship are discussed in the context of historical Christian leaders and communities. INSIGHT shows how both the Bible in our lives and the Bible internalized in history is the power behind personal holiness and kingdom advance.

Much of what is happening in the modern world is a result of globe-impacting transformations that started in the colonial period and earlier. INSIGHT helps students understand the sources of current problems and successes, and to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of things believers have done in the past, so as to better discern what God is doing in the world today and how to join Him in His endeavors.