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Module 2

Module 2 covers the Inter-testamental period to Augustine and the Fall of Rome (approx.400 BC to AD 400). The primary focus is on Jesus, how God sets the stage for His arrival, the upheaval of the time period in which He lived, and how faith in Him eclipses the power of one of the greatest empires in history. Throughout INSIGHT, students see how God chooses to work out His redemptive plan through the lives of His people in people groups and civilizations, and how a life-giving relationship with God through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is the core of faith.

Module 2 slows down to cover many of the central issues of faith in Jesus as the Messiah of God, the only Redeemer of all of mankind. Why do we believe Jesus is the only way to God? What does salvation by grace through faith mean? Can we trust the resurrection as a historical fact? Did Jesus believe He was divine? Where did the Canon of Scripture come from and is it trustworthy?  INSIGHT gives students the chance to wrestle with questions that are often used to attack or undermine faith in Jesus Christ. The goal is not to erase all doubts by providing simplistic answers, but to give students confidence that there are people willing and able to honestly face the hardest questions and help them come to satisfactory answers.

During this module, students read quickly through the whole New Testament. They read the Gospels simultaneously in a roughly historical order, reading Acts carefully to see how the early church began to spread, then reading the Epistles. The Epistles are covered in-depth in Module 3.

Module 2 reveals how the gospel always goes forward in the face of daunting opposition but that God’s heart has always been for all peoples, and His will prevails. Module 2 ends with the rise of institutional Christianity in cooperation with political powers.