About Insight


Module 1

INSIGHT begins with epistemology (the study of how we know what we know) and questions of worldview, revelation, and interpreting scripture. As with all the principal themes in Insight, they are introduced quickly and then the course moves on, but are brought up and reinforced throughout the year in a variety of contexts.

INSIGHTthen turns its focus to creation, and various evangelical positions on creation vs. the secular evolutionary model. Insight regularly exposes the students to opposing opinions, even by other Christians, that can be disconcerting, even alarming. Students are encouraged to question why they believe what they believe to come to a genuinely held, not shallow, belief system.

After starting slowly in Genesis to focus on the Creation, the Fall, and the redemptive plan of God for all the families of the earth through covenants with His people, the Module 1 Bible studies become a rapid overview of the Old Testament historical and prophetic books. The point of such a quick reading is to see the big picture, the overall tone, and the inexorable marching forward of God’s plan.

Several of the most ancient forms of non-monotheistic belief systems and religions are first covered in Module 1 during the time period in which they arose. Throughout INSIGHT, key philosophical and religious influences are studied in their historical context to better understand their prominence.